1. Fabha
    September 01, 09:42 Reply

    I will miss u guys soooo much
    I crying while watching this, can’t stop

  2. reshma
    September 01, 02:20 Reply

    miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu why do make us 2 cry like this

  3. Parth
    August 31, 14:03 Reply

    I still can’t believe this show is drawing to an end

  4. vrika fan
    August 31, 12:17 Reply

    Story Track!!!
    Jeevika to walk out of her house in
    Star Plus Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai has had a good run, and the joyous ride will come to a close on 13 September 2013.Before the show wraps up, we will see some interesting drama. As per the ongoing track, The drama will reach its peak when Harshad will openly challenge Viren to try and get evidences to prove him wrong. At a party organized at home, Harshad will declare that he will kiss Vidhi before everyone present,and if
    possible Viren can stop him from doing so.In order to protect Vidhi, Viren will spend the entire time at the party hovering around with Vidhi. He will not leave her alone even for a
    second,And this development will actually leave
    Jeevika stunned. She will mis-interpret this closeness to Viren developing a love interest for
    Vidhi. With all this playing in her mind, Jeevika will take a drastic step of moving away from Viren’s life.Without telling anyone, she will silently walk out of the house, so that Viren can live happily with Vidhi and the kid to be born.
    Meanwhile, Manvi will try her best to make Beeji understand that her father Mahesh wants to
    get back to his family. With Beeji being stern in her decision, Maanvi will have no option but to stop her efforts. This will lead to Mahesh
    walking out of the house………

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