Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th September 2016 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th September 2016 Written Update by Amena

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th September 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with PP talking to commissioner and all officers as the scientist and introducing his friends. Commissioner welcomes them and gives them bouquets. Rocky smiles. Sandhya says a gift is presented to you by police, accept this. Leader sees them and thinks Sandhya’s plan is good, I will flee in this. PP says this idol is beautiful. Sandhya says this brave warrior idol is given to you so that you can take memories from here. Leader says my friends are doing film hero acting. He makes everyone clap. PP signs Jimmy not to take the drink. Sandhya looks at them.

The statue is about to fall. Sandhya rushes to hold the statue. The spy camera pen falls and camera breaks. Leader says how did this stop. Meenakshi thinks this man is mad and will kill us. Sandhya sees the pen
broken, and shows PP. She says please tell the leader that I did not do this intentionally, it happened when I was saving you from the idol falling on you. Rocky nods to PP. PP takes the broken spy camera pen. Rocky messages leader why camera broke. Leader says you all don’t worry, you all got saved, camera pen broke by Sandhya while she was saving PP, I m sure that Sandhya is loyally working on our plan to leave from here, she will not do anything that will risk your lives, don’t think game ended.

Arpita gets conscious and finds herself in the hospital ward. She recalls Sandhya shooting at her. Nurse asks her to take rest, Arpita says its imp for me to leave, let me make an urgent call, can I get a phone. Nurse says yes and gives her phone. She messages commissioner and thinks he will know all truth after reading this message. Commissioner gets Arpita’s message. Arpita writes whatever you are seeing is a lie and plan. He looks at Sandhya.

Sandhya calls someone and says dinner went well, no one had doubt, I can’t talk much. Arpita messages Commissioner to meet her outside. Commissioner goes out and meets Arpita. She comes hiding her face in a shawl. She greets him and says I need to talk something imp, you have to know truth, its imp, so I had to come here. Sandhya ends call and sees commissioner gone. She rushes to look for him. She sees him with Arpita, and gets shocked.

Arpita goes to Sandhya and salutes her. She thanks Sandhya and says I m lucky to work undercover with you, you are really an ideal police officer, if you did not shoot me, terrorists would have shot me dead, you shot on my hand such that bullet just touched my hand and passed, when I fell down the window, you have thrown the rope for me and saved my life, thanks. Sandhya smiles and gets glad that Arpita understood her.

Commissioner says when Sandhya made an ID fall down from mailbox, I understood that four terrorists are in Hanuman gali, but we could not do anything. Sandhya says yes, they are very dangerous, they are young, but technology masters, they would have become ideal for youngsters, I m sure they are planning something big, they won’t go empty handed, I did what they said, I have stolen IDs and shot Arpita, I replaced the three terrorists to win their trust and assure them that their plan is going perfect, I wanted to make them overconfident, they won’t imagine their plan failed, I was not able to say anything because of the spy camera pen, I broke that pen by showing I was saving PP, I did this to win their trust, now we will not leave them, we will not let anything happen to our country, we will execute our plan at 2am, I will make everyone out and then Arpita will enter with commandos, the attack should be such that they don’t get any chance to react. Arpita says yes, but how will you make people leave when they four are there.

Sandhya says we will also use science, the scientists helped me by seeing situation, its optical illusion, we will cheat them by illusion. Leader says Sandhya can’t imagine our plan is not to leave empty handed, we will ruin this city, and Sandhya can’t stop us. Sandhya asks Arpita to enter when all residents leave, I don’t want anyone innocent to leave, we have to arrest terrorists and know their plan. Arpita says its brilliant idea, I understood. Commissioner wishes them all the best and says commandos will be with you. Sandhya comes back home with the three terrorists. Leader looks at her.

Sandhya and Sooraj try to make the kids leave out of the house. Rocky stops them and aims the gun..

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    Please dont make Sandhya or Sooraj die…..please make happy ending

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