Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 11th September 2013 Written Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 11th September 2013 Written Update by Atiba

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 11th September 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
manvi talks on phone to virat. He asks her not to take stress. He says she’ll get better with time. All she needs is a little span. No she is not going to forgive him anyway. Papa is repentant and
GOD will help him. They both exchange goodbye greets.

Scene 2
no viren i can’t pardon my mom’s killer. Says jeevika. Viren says i understand your feelings but he’s still your father. Remember the good days when you held his finger and walked around. When your rode the world on his back, says he. There’s nothing more than a mother for a child and the man who snatched her doesn’t deserve to be pardoned.

Scene 3
manvi goes to papa and says i have known that you loved di more than me. She was your favorite daughter right? He caresses her face and says don’t says like that you were so young by that time and jeevika was a bit grown up. I used to take her to school holding her finger. She used to play games with me. When you grew up i wasn’t there for you but believe me i will regret it
Anyhow forget that all i know how to calm her down. Through out my life. She says i didn’t wanna hurt you. Now i know why jeevika is so disheartened about all this she lost you who were her best friend. I was not young enough to even understand who my dad is. Th=
at’s why i pardoned you much earlier
Just watch i will make everything alright.

Scene 4
Everyone in the living room is discussing how to make Jeevika forgive her dad. Manvi says i am happy viren jeju that all of you are with me. Pinki says yes yes i am with you too i will help you all the way. Manvi says i will do anything even if i have to become angry sister. She says di you will now see your sister’s anger.
Jeevika is sitting on the dining and Manvi is standing holding Mahehsh’s hand. She asks him to sit along her. Jeevika is leaving when maa stops her saying this is not good to leave food like his. Beeeji follows her and say she is right. Swamni says we can understand your feelings jeevika and we know you’ve not accepted your dad but don’t forget that he is manvi’s dad too. Just think like he is Virat’s wife’s dad and not of your sister, s he is our guest in that case. You are daughter in law of Vadhera family and we are famous for our hospitality. Manvi says to viren that don’y you think some people think only they can be angry. Vtw i have made you favorite dish papa. Jeevika is just giving her fierce looks. Jeevika stands up and says i am full now, more than food there is an emotional drama on going here.

Scene 5
Swamni asks jeevika where is she going? She says i am going to temple. She says i am going for peace there. I can’t live here in peace with a man under the same roof whom i hate a lot. Who has given me a lot of pain.
Swamni informs Manvi and Monty that jeevika has left for temple. Jevika is the car with driver and asks him to go to temple. Manvi comes along with monty and says we are also going for pooja. Jeevika get out of the car where Swamni is standing. Swamni asks her to let them go with her. She get back in the car and they all head towards the temple. Manvi says papa are you seeing that restaurant its mine and di’s favorite. Well beeji was telling that you and beeji had a common favorite restaurant too where you used to once in a week. I will ride you around Chandigrh just like you did to di.

Scene 6
Beeji is being grateful to Swamni and Vanshika that they accepted jeevika’s father even when they get to know his truth. Swamni says we should be thankful to you for giving us two daughters like manvi and jeevika.

Scene 7
Jeevika is in mandir and MAnvi and Monty follow her. Jeevika is about to fall when monty comes to save her. She says no need to. MAnvi shouts this much hatred isn’t good. You were falling down but didn’t hold his hand, you learned walking holding this han. Nobody can erase what happened. Jeevika says thats what i am saying the pain can’t be erased. Monty says don’t fight because of me. Jeevika says don’t intrude pa… Manvi says why are you embarrassed calling him papa. You thaught me to forgive people and now look at yourself. Why are you forcing me don’t dare to teach me. Enough, shout manvi, its useless to talk to you. Manvi leaves.
Jeevika says to monty look this is happening because of you the sister who was never loud to is angry at me. A truck coming to manvi’s way. Jeevika shouts manvi and Monty goes running to save her. They both fall on the ground.

Precap-Jeeviika asks doctor if everything is okay. She says manvi should have been careful when she has a lot of problems in her pregnancy.

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  1. Sonya
    September 12, 15:29 Reply

    A very nice episode. A good serial. Superb acting by the two sisters. Love it.

  2. Virman forever
    September 12, 05:59 Reply

    The epi was fab… Hope so manvi and virman baby is alright… Don’t know when virat will come back only 2 epi r left… Hope so we get a maha epi…. Want virman romance… I will miss virman, their nok jok, their romance so much…. Love u virman/nishal… Gonna miss virman alot

  3. Umair KHAN
    September 12, 04:53 Reply

    Helo dear???
    Ishq ka kinara ALLAH hai ….
    Is k bad koi nhi???
    Not forget me and my presence!??????

  4. Naz
    September 11, 19:02 Reply

    Such an amazing show which can be well related to our An my daily life….such idiots ending this show always his shows end jus lyk ek doosre se karte hain Pysr hum had an abrupt end anyways these two couples are the best hope to see them again even if its in real life thy together…

  5. maria
    September 11, 13:53 Reply

    Men to VIREN JI pe aashiq ho gai hun

    • maria
      September 11, 13:55

      Ishq ka sammundr aaisa sammundr hai jiska koi kinara nhi hota
      wahan siwae jaan dene ke aur koi chara nhi hota

    • Romance
      September 11, 14:04

      Vidhi shishank and jeeman ka dad killed the last episodes of romance… hope they would telecast a maha episode with lots of romances!!!!

  6. maria
    September 11, 13:53 Reply

    Luvely epi well acted

  7. maria
    September 11, 13:49 Reply

    Pta nhi kitne days se tbyt khrb hai and 105 degree fever hai soch soch kr k i will nt see ehmmbh spexially virika and more specially Viren Ji now

  8. maria
    September 11, 13:48 Reply

    I really wanted virika moments

  9. maria
    September 11, 13:48 Reply

    Vitman scenes papa and virika scenes vidhi ne mrwae hain

  10. maria
    September 11, 13:47 Reply

    But for virika youtube badshaa zindabaad

  11. maria
    September 11, 13:47 Reply

    Kaaaash vidhi b jail jaye shishank k saath. i just hate him us ne virika scene mrwa diye

  12. maria
    September 11, 13:46 Reply

    That is all cz of vidhi

  13. maria
    September 11, 13:46 Reply

    After their second honeymoon nothing special happened

    • Romance
      September 11, 14:05

      even their second honeymoon didnt have much romance!!!

  14. maria
    September 11, 13:46 Reply

    Kaaaaash ending wale epi men jo celebrations dekhai hain waise kuch virika scenes b dikha dete

  15. maria
    September 11, 13:45 Reply

    And also their romance

  16. reshma
    September 11, 13:23 Reply

    really gonna miss virika need them anyways loves the epi

    • maria
      September 11, 13:52

      Himmat ko daad deti hun. i read ur earlier comments. Viren Ji ko bhaiyya kehna haae… ye to men kbi nhi kr skti even vidhi ki jb reports positive aai theen mazaaq mein my sis said it means k tum phupho(faiil and men taaya ban ne wali hun. and i was just awwe.. k mje Viren ki sis bna diya jo men kbi b na banna chahun gi.

  17. Romance
    September 11, 12:22 Reply

    EHMBH is known for its romantic couples virika and virman… show is gonna go off air and there have been no signs of romance… director saab!!! plz cast some romantic tracks for virika and virman… will miss u virika and virman!!!!!

    • Aqsa
      September 11, 13:21

      The show has already ended but the telecast is left to be shown.. the shooting ended like last week or something… but I get what you mean… there’s no point in ending the show like this… just you see, the romance will come right on the last day 🙁

    • maria
      September 11, 13:44

      Hope so

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