Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 3rd September 2013 Written Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 3rd September 2013 Written Update by Atiba

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 3rd September 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
shishank is trying to kiss vidhi in porch viren comes and stops him. He says i’m kissing my wife what is your problem? Viren says if you even touch vidhi i’ll make your birthday your last day. Now get lost. Viren asks vidhi if she’s fine? She says yes.

Scene 2
manvi calls jeevika. She says i’ll call you later. Why are you sounding so rude ? Jeevika sternly says i’ll talk to you later i said. She disconnects the call. This discomfort her.
Jeevika thinks i’ll now talk directly to vidhi.

Scene 3
viren finds vidhi packing up her stuff in the room. He says i’ll not let you go and if you’ll me and jeevika will go along you. Jeevika comes and hears from the back of the wall . Viren says we will go at some place nobody can annoy us. This creates misunderstanding in jeevika’s mind. Jeevika leaves in tears. Vidhi says i’ll not let you go away from your family for me. You’re such a nice man.

Scene 4
doctor says to mahesh that if you agree i’ll place your name in the kidney transplant waiting list. We’ll find a donor soon. I’d suggest you to get admit in the hospital. Mahesh says i’ll not leave this house i want to spend my time left with my family. I’ll leave afterwards. Dabo comes and asks where are you going again? I will not let you go. his will kill manvi. Mahesh promises i won’t ever leave.

Scene 5
Jeevika locks the door and is crying hard. She remembers how everytime Viren was reluctant to get Vidhi married to Shishank. She remembers them hugging each other and what she has seen right now.
I thought i am the one who loves him the most. but vidhi is giving him the biggest happiness of his life that i can’t. Why am i jealous of her now. Then she thinks to talk to Viren.

Scene 6
Manvi calls Virat and asks do you remember Monty uncle? He says yes he is just like you. I wonder how you both have same qualities. Manvi says they can be he is some one so close to me. He is my dad. Virat is dazed. He asks how is this possible? he asks. You father was dead no? She says we have always been told this. But my dad left us for another woman and my mom died. Beeji always told us that he died along with my mom. I am so happy to get him back. Beeji is not forgetting him. Do you also have some problem with my dad? He says no when you have forgiven him why would i have a problem. And i will talk to beeji my self.

Scene 7
Jeevika goes to Viren. She asks what is that h has been hiding for so long. He says i want to tell you everything too. Suddenly his phone starts ringing. He says this is my important call i will talk to you later. He receives the call he says yes i need the money. I need the money urgently. Money is not greater than human. And for the person for whom i am doing this is so important to me. Jeevika listens and thinks this is why he needs so much money. He has decided not to live with me she leaves. When Viren turns he finds that she is sleeping. He stares at her back he thinks that by tomorrow morning i will tell her everything. Jeevika is in tears.

Scene 8
Viren opens the closet and takes all the money out. Jeevika sees him and pretends that she is sleeping. She gets up when he leaves the room and follows him. Viren is knocking the door of a room and Vidhi comes out with Viren holding her. She wakes up from the slumber and finds out this all was her nightmare. She sees that Viren in actual is not by her side in the bed. She goes out looking for him but can’t find him anywhere. She thinks is Viren gone in reality? I am his wife he can never leave me and his family. Vidhi can never take my place. She thinks contrary then that she is giving Viren that thing which i can never. Why is it hurting so much ? She is making him a father why am i jealous? I should instead well wish them.

Precap-Jeevika is looking at her wedding photo. She says it is bettert for me to go away from your and Vidhi’s life. She writes a letter and leaves. Viren finds that letter and becomes really worried when he reads it

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  1. G
    September 04, 05:14 Reply

    Bakwaas ise acha to madhubala h

  2. maria
    September 04, 05:08 Reply

    kaash endng ki baat ek khwb hoti…….!!

  3. jazly
    September 04, 05:07 Reply

    pls jeevika don’t leave chandigarh plzzzzzz 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 this was bcome only vidhi …….. i rally really hate her

    • maria
      September 04, 05:09

      same here yaar

    • maria
      September 04, 05:09

      vidhi manhoos ka rasta saaf kr dia

  4. maria
    September 04, 05:06 Reply

    dnt knw but i think vidhi and shishank r playing a game altogether

    • maria
      September 04, 05:07

      not sure but i thnk vidhi is also involved with shishank

  5. maria
    September 04, 05:06 Reply

    viren ji ka fault nhi wo jeevs yaani fm ji ko tense nhi krna chahta tha

  6. maria
    September 04, 05:05 Reply

    these misundrstndngs r unbearable for me

  7. maria
    September 04, 05:02 Reply

    feeling sad for virika

  8. maria
    September 04, 05:02 Reply

    dnt want such a precap

  9. maria
    September 04, 05:01 Reply

    sad after watching epi

  10. Sonya
    September 03, 15:58 Reply

    An interesting episode. Its sad that Jeevika took such a stand by leaving a note and leaving. Communications is the most important thing – never assume. A good story, a lovely serial. Superb cast.

  11. ela levent
    September 03, 15:03 Reply

    Sorry iam watching this show after a very long time who is vidhi and shiswank or sumthin his name

  12. princess
    September 03, 12:48 Reply

    i think viren shd have told jeevika about the vidhi matter , coz der shd be no hiding between husband n wife. If he shd have said then both of them together can fight that man .but now jeevika is leaving n viren is torn between his wife n the baby , hope everything goes on well

  13. pradhiksha
    September 03, 12:45 Reply

    omg…. y the hell s shashank doin all ths…. only 10 more days and ehmmbh is goin to end …almost n tears:(

  14. lina
    September 03, 12:27 Reply

    ohh god what the hell this shashanq izzz…hate him to my extend…

  15. sriram
    September 03, 12:23 Reply

    very boring episodes these days no virika or virman love n because of shishank n vidhi virika’s life has become complicated n there is a misunderstanding..hope things get resolved soon

  16. Sri Lakshmi
    September 03, 12:00 Reply

    why do virika relation get disturbed? the show is gonna go off air. hope the producer shows as much as romantic tracks as possible for virika and virman

    • poornima
      September 03, 12:08

      r u from pondicherry?

    • Parth
      September 03, 12:11

      Ah Pondicherry

    • Sri Lakshmi
      September 03, 12:29

      na from tamil nadu, tirunelveli

    • maria
      September 04, 05:04

      what is pondecharry

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