Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 6th September 2013 Written Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 6th September 2013 Written Update by Atiba

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 6th September 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
manvi is in hospital with matan where he sees a brother helping his elder one. He remembers his time with mahesh how he used to shoulder him all the day. Manvi asks does these brothers remind you of your and papa’s past? I can see your feelings for him. Beeji will also forgive him if you do. He says i know how much i missed my brother i wanted to hug him but i didnt because we have been through a really hard time. I have seen beeji suffering.

scene 2
viren meets the policeman and prepares a plan with him to catch shishank.

scene 3
mahesh in store room watching his old toys and remembering his old times. He is really sad and repantant over what he had done.

Scene 4
jeevika tells vidhi that plan to end shishank’s game has been made. Once we kick him out i will ask viren for your legal divorce.

Scene 5
dabo asks monty what is he making he responds i am making bangles box. For whom? Asks dabo. He says years ago i started making it but left incomplete. So i am completing It now. Thats alright but whom are you making this for? A wodden stick gets a cut on mahesh’s hand. Beeji goes running to him and asks if he is okay? Mahesh says do you remember.. Beeji stops him saying don’t talk about past. i am tired of hating you. Please leaves us alone.

Scene 6
Niren is in station and says that i will stay hre whole night if i can’t find any file related to him.

Scene 7
Manvi is talking to Virat. You don’t listen to me, she moans. I always listen to you. Our couple is like Urmela and Lakshman. I don’t know Ramayan much, says he. Manvi asks him to read the book in a day otherwise i won’t talk to you.
Virat calls his manager and asks to manage a Ramayan.

Scene 8
Police man tells Viren that there is an important piece of work i have to go. Viren says its okay. Viren asks him for a tea. Viren is really worried. Jeevika calls him. Viren tells her that he is looking for a file that can end his chapter.

Scene 9
Manvi sees bari beeji looking at their family photo. She goes to her. Your papa never said me no. He was so obedient just one mistake made us apart. I know you want matan and beeji to embrace him. She says that Matan uncle really wanna hug him but he is resisting because of beeji, says manvi. Tomorrow it will be decided if he stays here or not.

Scene 10
Viren asks the police man to place all the files in the shelf again then he has a glance over a file of Shishank singh. I got you finally he says.

Scene 11
I will talk to beeji and find a way, says manvi to monty. Enough! says he. I can’t see beeji like this anymore i am going back. Manvi hugs him and says that i won’t let you go. I am sorry i have to break the promise i made for beeji and this house. Please pardon me one again. Manvi leaves.

Scene 12
Shishank comes in the room where jeevika and Vidhi are sitting. Jeevika says get out of here right now. Are you scared of me, asks he. He shoves her away. Where is your ego? you were so high yesterday, no? Says he. Jeevika and Vidhi are bit scared. Jeevika starts call maa and everyone. There is no one home, says he. What should i do with you vidhi. You are being so hasty to get the divorce? What do you thinks of me. He grasps her hand. He is torturing her. Jeevika gets a vase. She hits it on his head. His head starts bleeding. This is all due to this child in your womb. I will end him today. He is about to kick her.

Precap-Mahesh is leaving, everybody is so sad. He hugs Matan and then Manvi who is crying hard.

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  1. jojo
    September 08, 21:59 Reply

    di wu mein madan hai matan nahi k…….. 🙂

  2. maria
    September 07, 15:31 Reply

    Viren Ji was looking awesome as from the first time he looks. Yar i love him. he is just bindaas. he is so descent. and he has my favourite quality that is he is very romantinc ;-). just like me…

  3. maria
    September 07, 15:29 Reply

    yesterday s virika hug made my day

  4. maria
    September 07, 15:26 Reply

    sorry for not participating yesterday cz my mobile was out of order. smart phones ka bht masla hai yaar

  5. maria
    September 07, 15:25 Reply

    i ll miss virika a lot… can never forget them

  6. maria
    September 07, 15:24 Reply

    ughhhh shishank and vidhi to lgta hai mile hue hain.

  7. reshma
    September 07, 04:58 Reply

    hectic studies i am commenting after long 1 week
    and jeevika di really a nice hit

    • maria
      September 07, 15:22

      same hectic studies but never missed virika.

  8. ehmmbh lover
    September 07, 01:10 Reply

    y is d show ending……… :'(

    i’ll miss it
    cant it get another time slot
    there were ertainly other shows which cud hav ended bt y ehmmbh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and can sum1 tell me hw is it going 2 end?????????

  9. Mahhubala Kundra
    September 06, 16:07 Reply

    the show is ending there is nothing we can do because on the 16th od September Shaheer Sheikh Mahabharat is going to show.

  10. bella
    September 06, 12:42 Reply

    Plz….plz…dont ever end dis drama.i will miss it sooooooooooooo much.i wont be able to see virika and virman again….sooo sad..

    • maria
      September 07, 15:24

      same feelings

  11. jazly
    September 06, 12:30 Reply

    pls pls pls don’t end this show plzzzzzzzzz 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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